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hi, i'm lya. i love k-pop and will use this journal for posting comments. will try to update if time permits :)
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Luahan Gadis Yang Meningkat Usia
Crush. I think I have a crush. I am confused. Maybe, because when I am with you, I feel so comfortable. It is becoming more complicated I guess because I know this crush will come and go like it has always be.

Dan mungkin aku kena minta pada Allah kerana hati manusia itu Allah yang jaga. Jika dia bukan untukku, maka biarlah perasaan ini hanya singgah sebentar di hati aku. Kerana aku tak tahu nak define apa benda yang aku rasa untuk dia. Mungkin sebab aku rasa sangat familiar dengan dia. Aku pun tak tahu. Dan mungkin aku takut perasaan aku hanya bertepuk sebelah tangan. Kenyataan yang aku sangat takut untuk aku akui. Dan aku tahu kedudukan diri aku. Haish.

Hati manusia ni lain-lain. Hati orang kita tak boleh nak jangka. Aku tak reti. Semua bermula daripada gurauan seorang rakan . Dan perasaan itu menjadi realiti. Haish. Dan sudah dua kali aku mengeluh dalam post ini. Final exam nak dekat. Adakah aku mampu nak jumpa dia untuk semester kedua? Aku takut. Takut.

a GOOD day :)
Currently working part time as crew at Famous Amos. Everything went well I guess. Learn a lot of things in a different kind of way. One thing that I realize when working, money does not grow on trees XD. LOL. okay. be serious. No pain, no gain. Ahaks XD. You know everything is worthy when you get to see the result.

2013-03-06 20.25.49

yup,iamsuperexcitedthatihavetomakeapostaboutthis.itislikeamilestoneormarkinmylife. XD
until i write again,

Oh, the fireworks.
It's 2013. YAY (!)
I will not make any targets or resolution as my 2012's resolution were not fulfilled. In this year of 2013, I promise to myself to live happily, smile more, be a great human being and achieve something extraordinary  in my life. Hehehehehe. Also, I hope the comeback for SNSD and CNBLUE will be a HUGE SUCCESS ^____^. As for YongSeo, my wish is never changed which is for both of you to become real and spread the power of love and music (?). LOL. What am I rambling in the middle of the night XD.



                  Hi. I want to write something but I don't know what I want to write. lol. I will let out all of my feelings here i think. Well, because no one read this journal, I'm just going to write anything. By anything, I meant anything. I just realized that before i post something whether on twitter or Facebook, I will always thinking for a long time, contemplate and having doubts on my post and I end up didn't post anything. Damn it. It shows that I am thinking too much about what people thing. Maybe because people know me on Facebook and it just I don't know.

                    By the way, I got marks for all paper except for English and Biology. My mid-year's marks are horrible. I didn't get A for History, Additional Mathematics and Chemistry ( feel so sad because i target for A for those 3 subjects and work very hard. The subjects that I didn't target, I got A. Lol. WTH.)
I will be writing more things ( stories, about me ^_^, poems and etc)

word of the day : nonchalant
meanings :  Feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed; not displaying anxiety, interest, or enthusiasm

Mr Dimples :)

Can't get enough of his smile :)

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My New Resolution
I need some motivation and inspiration to write T_________T i wish i can show people my thoughts on anything through writing. but it will be hard and i become conscious of my grammar, spelling and the sentences structures. *sigh* i envy those people who can touch people's heart via writing. they can convey every emotion and messages that they want to show to people beautifully. i just make a to-do-list-in-2012. i know January will end but it is better late than never. but when i think of it, i always use better never than late if i am late going to class.

Some Things to do in 2012
  1. Pass exam with rainbow flying colors. (yes! you can do it)
  2. Getting straight A's (will do my best and strive for the best)
  3. Start to write in a journal. (i still didn't buy a proper journal to write. i'm choosy. all the journals on the bookstores are not that attractive
  4. Read more books. (oh, i start this year by reading Haven by Kristi Cook. Quite good but there are some twilight scenes)
  5. Lose weight. (i have to, but not enough motivation and discipline XD)
  6. Improve communication skills. (by talking more whether in bahasa melayu or english. i have to improve)
  7. Meeting more people (i have to make friends.)
  8. Overcome the shyness and the awkwardness. (i'm sorry if i'm just that shy and awkward. i have to start this by starting a conversation and explore more interests)
  9. Express my feeling more.
  10. Spend more time with friends. (i am not the type to maintain a friendship and it is quite sad)
  11. Eat less. (refer to number 3)
  12. Smile more to strangers (^_____^)
I think that is all. will add more to the list. i will try my best to achieve and fulfill my targets in 2012. Good time while writing and it is better for me to express my feelings on this journal. after writing, i'm sure become happy and look forward to liVe :) Till i write again.


My very first post.
Actually, this is not really my first post. this is my second post idontevenknowwhyiamcounting. Anyway i use this journal to comment and get awesomeicons. but now, i am opening this journal *drumrolls* and decided to write more so that i can improve my writing and english. and look forward to meet other awesome people :D. i will promise to write more as it is in my 2012 resolution/target/whateveritiscalled. i hope i can achieve more and strive for the best.

        oh, and not to forget, i love yongseo very much. i ship them so hard. like really hard.

i'm so happy while writing this. until i write again. 
goodbye :)


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